He is one of the worst trollers at 3Dz. He was an active PBC Member and flamed them. Carlos and the Staff usually banned him, but one day, he got unbanned. Now he stalks all of 3Dz Members. He also like everything his Crush does in Facebook, and tries to find out where Cross lives. Runner is one of the biggest fatasses in the chat. Buying 76 Poptarts, 24 Bottles of Gatorade, 20 Pieces of Snickers, and Butterfingers. He also like to flame Arc for playing Toontown, but uses recess videos, since he's so unclever.


  • Most famous quote of Runner is, "DONT MAKE ME FLAME U".
  • Spells Good like gud like a retard
  • Brags about his food even though he can just go buy them from the store.
  • Is secretly a homosexual.
  • Spelled carlos, atroals, and tee, yvette. How do you miss these?
  • Says he is getting a PS3, but isn't
  • Failing his Class of 2012
  • Going to Summer School and getting "Better" grades as he says