Flashcade was one of the many rebellion chats. This chat came from, PokemonCenter, a chat held by Jess, it is discontinued. This chat was a turning point of the 3Dz series. The chat followed out as a war against Jess many did rebel to FlashCade due to the following of Carlos though. Not much else is known.

Cause & Turning PointsEdit

The cause of this chat was the following of supposed planning by Tyga, Cross, Pyro, Pika3, Carlos and Gian. Information aswell is not known as much. This was a turning point due to everyone suddenly getting rich because of Gian. It also started everyone to play First Person Shooters, it continued from the Late 3Dz.


Main Owners

  • Gian
  • Carlos
  • Cookie
  • Anime
  • Katie


  • Pika3
  • Tyga
  • Green


  • Kiju
  • CKC
  • Cross
  • Pyro
  • Lucas


  • Arc
  • Wes
  • Adona
  • Devil


  • A rebellion for this chat was caused due to Katie Main Owner.
  • Giancarloparimango11 gave out over 200k xats.
  • It was a re-do of pokemonden.