Hi I'm Adona. I really love Homestuck. My little pony: Friendship is Magic is ok. I really love Eridan Ampora too. <3 I am a shipper. I ship things harder than a diamond. I am one of the very few girls that comes to 3dzRebirth. But I'm not as active as most people on there. I don't really talk alot there due to a amazing website called Tumblr. I am currently BFF'd to Kiju and hopefully I won't regret it.


Anyone but Runner and Luke. I don't really have alot of close friends there. But if I had to choose one, I'd choose Kiju.

Where you can contact meEdit

Skype - invaderadona

Tumblr -

Xat ID - Alicey (403427130)

deviantART - Mizuteri

Youtube - xBrony

Forumspring - xHomestuck