3Dz Rebirth OriginEdit

3DzRebirth has followed after 2 rebellions of the only chats to have that occur in 3Dz's history. It started off in PokemonCenter a chat ran by Jess. Carlos and Gian had setup (N/A) something to cause this rebellion.

After Gian and Carlos had set it up, they moved to a totally different chat due to Jess's inactivity - Flashcade. After Flashcade came 3DzRebirth, ANOTHER rebellion held by Sky and CKC due to the lack of Gian's appearance at 3DzRebirth. This came to be 3DzRebirth of as of right now. Know as 3DzRebirth is a recarnation of 3Dz, unfortunately, it totally failed to have the presence of that. Red was here, and he stole all of your cocks.Edit

People activeEdit

3DzRebirth could be one of 3Dz History's SMALLEST chat. The Main Owner re-election is to start soon and as of right now, no information is know.

Main OwnersEdit

  • CKC
  • Jess [Formerly]
  • Tyga


  • Cookie
  • Tyga
  • Miguel (Also known as Pika3)
  • Tee (Activity Status Unknown)


  • Arc
  • Kiju
  • DJ
  • Green
  • Lucas
  • Cross
  • Anime

Active Members

  • Runner
  • Cym
  • Devil
  • Damario
  • Adona
  • Luke
  • Supreme
  • Neon
  • Noah
  • Red, God of the Internet.
  • etc.

Former Members

  • Sky (N/A)
  • Carlos (Mexico until August or September)
  • Jess (Quit)

3DzRebirth's FutureEdit

Although it is unknown of what could happen it is more likely another rebellion could happen. For know the chat is living on.Edit


  • Carlos was one of the most missed people on 3DzRebirth and was suprising to see him quit.
  • Runner is the WORST troll on 3DzRebirth.
  • For the first time a MO was elected by the people.
  • Around 1/4 of them play minecraft.
  • More than 1/2 of them play First Person Shooter games.
  • This has the least amount of girls with only Cym, Jess, Runner, Cookie, and Adona only found girls on it.
  • The most abused person on there is Runner.
  • We had a wiki???